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    Pre-Listing Inspection

    Whether you are selling your own home or using a realtor, it is always a good idea to have a professional home inspection before you place the home on the market. The more you know about your home, the more prepared you will be for the negotiation process. A sign in your yard stating your home has had a Pre-Listing Home Inspection lets potential buyers know that you are committed to selling the home and are sincere in your efforts to present the home’s condition fairly and accurately.

    Advantages of having a Pre-Listing Inspection
    • You can avoid “surprises” that threaten the sale. Many home owners dread the thought of a visit from a home inspector searching for problems that could negatively affect the negotiations or even destroy a deal all together. By the time the contract price is agreed to, most sellers have negotiated down as far as they want to go and the buyers have also offered up the most they want to spend, so finding a costly problem at this late stage can end the transaction leaving both the buyer and seller disappointed.
    • If problems are discovered, you have the time and the ability to either repair these on your own schedule or to disclose them upfront to the buyer, eliminating the possibility that the buyer will demand you make repairs later. Plus, if repairing the problem is your choice, you can do so without the pressure of the buyer’s involvement. 03 Inspections will also return ‘free-of-charge’ to photograph and take written documentation of your repairs which will then be incorporated into your final report that shows before and after comparisons.
    • Once the buyer hires his own home inspector, you’ll have a good baseline by which to compare the new report. While inspection reports will rarely match item for item, major differences are rare amongst qualified and experienced inspectors. Instead of a process you might dread, an 03 Pre-Listing Inspection will help you be confident any renegotiations after the buyer’s inspection will be minimal.
    • An 03 Pre-Listing Inspection is a great sales tool. Your report is confidential to you as the client, but you can share it with anyone you choose: your agent, potential buyers, or contractors. The report can show where repairs were made, and will also help to highlight the strengths of the home to the buyers. Upon completion of an inspection, 03 Inspections will provide a yard sign that lets buyers know they are dealing with a responsible seller.