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    Keeping out the cold. Tips for winterizing your home this year.

    We’re coming up on February in Knoxville, and temperatures are already dropping into the teens.  As a Home Inspector, I’m beginning to come across a good deal of homes that are not prepared for the cold.  I’ve prepared a short checklist for homeowners in order to help them prepare their homes for winter.

    • Clean your gutters and the valleys on the roof or have a licensed contractor do it.  This will prevent ice from damaging gutters and shingles.
    • Disconnect hoses from the hose bibs and buy a insulated bib cover for each faucet.  If  there is an individual cut-off, then turn it off and drain the pipes before covering.
    • Check to make sure your attic and crawl space areas are adequately insulated. There should be no gaps, tears, or compression in the insulation and the attic hatch should have a weather seal and insulation above it as well.
    • Change air filters and have a qualified HVAC technician service your furnace.  This will save on energy costs and increase furnace efficiency.
    • Have fireplace and wood stove chimneys cleaned and flues inspected.
    • Apply weather stripping to exterior doors and caulk any cracks around window frames.
    This quick check list only takes a few short hours to accomplish.  Dealing with the problems from failure to winterize can take weeks, and a great deal of money.  For help winterizing your home, call
    03 Inspections  at (865)694-3003 and we will come out to evaluate your home and provide a customized winterization checklist.

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